Delta Argentino

Do you want to leave the city and get to know the 5th most important Delta in the world? We will visit the northern area of the Province of Buenos Aires, mainly Tigre city located 36 km. from the center of Buenos Aires city. We will sail in a conformable boat traveling five of the main rivers of the first section of islands of the Paraná Delta where nature expresses itself in all its splendor. By spotting small rivers and internal streams you will enjoy one of the most wonderful and favorite places in ourcountry, discovering the typical life of the islander, seeing their houses, schools and church, as well as their customs! After navigation, you will visit the main points of the city including the PaseoVictorica, the Museo del Mate, the Naval Museum and a beautiful view of the Tigre Art Museum, an elegant building from the end of the 19th century. When you arrive at the Puerto de Frutos you will have a free time that will allow you to travel at leisure and even make purchases.

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