Puerto Madryn

Puerto de Madryn is an Argentine city on the coast of the northern part of Patagonia. Its sandy beaches and its coastal promenade full of restaurants face the bay of the Golfo Nuevo, where the southern right whales reproduce in May. to Dec The Ecocentro is a museum on a cliff with exhibits of the nature of Patagonia and a lighthouse-style tower overlooking the ocean. On the other side of the bay, the rocky Peninsula Valdés houses penguins and elephant seals, which are hunted by orcas.

Visit the largest penguin in the South:

THE PENGUINS OF MAGALLANES: We visited the Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve, where thousands of tourists come to see the penguins, who with their particular plumage seem to be dressed in tuxedos.

Whale watching from El Doradillo beach

El Doradillo is one of the few beaches in Puerto Madryn where you can watch southern right whales from the coast.

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